Blog Marketing!!

I was surfing the Internet to work on my assignment yesterday. Every time I type a keyword, I see at least one blog on the screen. Then this question popped into my head. Could I use my blog to promote my products if I were a business owner? I think so!

Today, let me explain how a blog is going to help you market your products online!! What are the pros of blogging??

  1. Free + Profitable!

First of all, writing a blog is free!

If you can attract a lot of people, you can sell your blog as an advertising space for another company.

Popular and famous bloggers can make money by writing a blog!!


  1. Opinions as an expert!

A lot of people use a blog for different purposes. Some people write one to share their knowledge or expertise. Some people use their blogs to promote their businesses. Businesses usually use their blogs to attract their specific target audience with unique needs. In doing so, businesses are able to have one-to-one relationship with their customers. The customers feel more special because the blogs are written for only them!!


  1. Endorsement!

Have you seen celebrities who post pictures of the items or products they use? Let’ say Jennifer Aniston post a picture of her cosmetics. How many viewers are going to buy the exact same product?? I think a lot!! According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, “53 percent of U.S. blog readers that are female have purchased a product based on a blog recommendation”. Blog became one of the most powerful advertising tools!!


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