Web 3.0!!

What is web 3.0? Is there web 1.0 or 2.0?? Yes there is!! But I will not explain what they mean. Let’ just remember web 1.0 is the first stage and web 2.0 is the second stage in the World Wide Web. Today, let me talk about web 3.0! Web 3.0 makes your life easier! Let me give you an example of web 3.0.

Let’s say you cannot decide what classes you have to take in the spring semester. You will probably ask your friends about their classes and professors. You might visit RateMyProfessors.com or ask one of the academic advisors at Capilano University to get some advice. This is very time-consuming and tiring for students!! Web 3.0 allows you to consume less time! Instead of multiple searches, you could just type “what classes do I have to take?” and it will provide the information you need through just one search!

How is web3.0 going to affect online marketing??

Web 3.0 allows you to online-advertise your products to your specific target audience, which enables more effective and efficient advertising. Banner ads might not be a good advertising tool anymore because readers do not surf the Internet to find information. Pay-per-click ads might be a major advertising tool instead if web 3.0 is introduced!



The source(s) for my blog post:

Click to access 1401.6102.pdf




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