New Online Marketing Trends!

The Online marketing industry is extremely fast-paced, which means that today’s trends can be obscure tomorrow. You can see how fast this industry has been growing. The existing companies must upgrade their services as technology changes.  For new business owners, this phenomenon can be opportunities.

Here are two digital marketing trends in 2016

  1. Native advertising

Have you heard of banner ads? These ads are placed on the side of a website or at the top of a website to promote your products. Banner ads sometimes do not match the design of the website you place your ads on. Let’ say you decide to do banner ads to sell your products which are shoes. What do you think if your ads are on a website that sells food?? Do you think this is effective? Do you want to buy shoes when you are hungry?? It does not make sense to me at all!! Native ads are designed to match the design and content of the website so the ads can maximize the impact.


  1. Lead ads

Lead ads let the readers sign up for things like newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information. Customers are able to receive more information from a brand. Business owners are able to reach their target customers cheaply. This is a win-win situation.


As you can see, online marketing trends are changing every day. You do not know what comes next but if you are standing where the future is going to be, you should consider entering the industry! This must be your business opportunity!



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